86 winegrowers, is the result of a dream

86 winegrowers

“86 Winegrowers” is the result of a dream, our dream. Its name comes from the 86 vine growers who founded and built Bodega Les Useres.


A special wine, product of our work and dedication to the land during so many years. It is the result of our perseverance and patience producing wines cared to the detail, from the cultivation of the grapes to the marketing of the bottles.

It is a wine with a blend of two of the varietals we grow, Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon, matured in American oak barrels during twelve months. When tasting it, it conquers you with its fruit aromas, its intense red colour and the fresh hints that persists long in the mouth.

On the bottle, we have also wanted to transmit our philosophy: a modern and elegant presentation, with a label which tells the story of the 86 Winegrowers, with high quality corks from cork oak trees from our area processed in a sustainable way (certified with the FSC label). We have put all the passion we feel for our work in this wine that we present to you.



Deep red wine. with medium-high layer. Intense on the nose, with hints of cherry caramel, mature red fruit and a fresh touch. Attack in the mouth, medium body, smooth tone, good acidity and long final. It persists in the mouth with fresh and fruity tones.